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Storks when should I place my order?

The sooner you call us, the better the chance we have of getting the sign there before mommy and baby arrive. We can usually meet any deadline, so don't worry if your calling at the last minute !!!

What if I want to move the sign?

Please do not attempt to move the signs. If it is necessary to move the sign please call us and we will move it for you. If for some reason you need or want to have the sign or flock picked up early, please call so that we can come and remove it. If you are ordering a stork as a gift, please make sure the recipient is aware of the birth announcement sign that will be displayed on their property. We do not give refunds for early pickup/removal of sign.

Can I mow my Lawn when the signs nesting in my yard?

If you mow your yard during the sign rental period, PLEASE be careful around the sign. Please avoid trimming close to the base of the signs and using a blower around them, it will damage the signs! Because of continued misuse, we will be charging a fee to replace or repair any damaged signs. We really appreciate you taking care of our signs so others can enjoy them too.

What if the sign becomes damaged?

Our signs are durable . However if you notice that the sign becomes

damaged please notify us immediately! Our signs are not designed to withstand children climbing on them. For your child's safety, please do not

let them play on or near the sign. We are not responsible for any injuries

due to children playing on the signs. Please do not tie any balloons to the signs this causes damage to the signs paint.

Does someone need to be home when the sign arrives?

If the package has been pre-paid, no one needs to be home, but if payment is due, someone will need to meet us at the home.

What information do I need when placing my order?

You may make a reservation in advance to guarantee a sign is available for you. Then have someone call us a soon as baby arrives to let us know the correct spelling of the baby's first and middle name, weight, height and date of birth.(There will be an additional charge of $12.00 to change the keepsake bundle, if the information given is not correct) We will be glad to change it.

We also need their address, phone number and if they have a sprinkler system in the yard.

What about the sign during severe weather or a storm?

     From time to time in Louisiana we are blessed with really high winds and rain. During severe or days with very strong wind we ask that you remove the bundle so that it will not brake or damage. In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm watch or warning the sign will be removed and after the threat has passed we will return it for the remaining rental days.

How far do you deliver a sign?

      We offer free delivery and set up to most areas. There will be an small additional charge for other areas. Please call for prices.

How do I pay for my sign?

We accept all major credit cards and if you make your reservations in advance you may mail in a check or make arrangements to come by and pay for it. All rentals must be paid in advance before we deliver. If you need to cancel an order for any reason, please give notice. Orders not cancelled within 24 hours of delivery date/time will not be refunded.

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